Terms and conditions.

The conditions mentioned below are applicable for all deliveries from Lykke & Co. A/S, unless agreed otherwise.

When we have received your order, we will send you an order confirmation to the provided email. When you have received the order confirmation, the deal is considered final.

Event coordination
Unless agreed otherwise, we will contact you a couple of weeks before the event and discuss further details about the division of teams, starting time, the participant’s knowledge of the meeting platform, etc. If you have any questions that you would like answered before we contact you, or do you want to discuss these things earlier,  you are very welcome to contact us.

Event coordination is usually done over the phone, a Zoom meeting or by email. If you have internal meetings about the event, then we are more than happy to be put on speaker or participate in a video call.

Prices and payment
If your company is located outside the EU prices are calculated as VAT-free.

If your company is located inside the EU prices are calculated as “reverse charge”. 

All prices are based on prepayment before the event.Most customers prefer to pay by credit card when ordering.

If you prefer to pay by invoice it will be sent by email and should be paid 7 days before the event. Please note we add a 50 EUR handling fee on invoices.If you would like to obtain credit, then credit approved customers can pay at a later date with the following administration fees: 

Event date +30 days
Invoice fee: +70 EUR 

Event date +60 days
Invoice fee: +130 EUR

Såfremt vores bogholderi vurderer, at der ikke kan opnås kreditgodkendelse, skal betaling ske før arrangementet.

Ved større arrangementer (+100 personer) opkræves betaling i rater, der forfalder før og efter arrangementets afholdelse.

Cancellation / change of date by customer
Ved aftalens indgåelse er denne bindende i sin helhed. Flytning af dato eller afbestilling kan foretages efter disse regler:

To summarize our terms and conditions:
* Events can be rescheduled to a new date free of charge if it is done more than 1 month before the original event date.

* You have until 14 days before the event to inform us about the final and binding number of participants.

Up to 3 months before
Yes, free of charge
25% invoiced
Up to 2 months before
Yes, free of charge
50% invoiced
Up to 1 months before
Yes, free of charge
Yes, but max 30% downward
75% invoiced
Up to 14 days before
Not possible
Binding number 14 days before
100% invoiced
Less than 14 days before
Not possible
Not possible
100% invoiced
When changing the date we make the reservation that we can deliver on the requested date. We might already be booked that day. When changing the date of the event, the original date of payment is still in force.

Any changes made to what was agreed in the order confirmation is considered as a cancellation or a potential re-order. Lectures or other extra options cannot be moved or canceled.

Other terms and conditions for cancellation/ change of date for events with 100+ participants might apply. A fixed fee is settled with a maximum of participants.

Cancellation by Lykke & Co. A/S
Lykke & Co. A/S are in the examples below justified and eligible to cancel the deal as a whole or partly:

* In a coincidence in which Lykke & Co. A/S deems the event indefensible to conduct eg. drunk participants.

* If the customer decides to change the starting time on the day of the event, no matter the reason, thus making it impossible for Lykke & Co. A/S to conduct an event scheduled later with another customer. 

Lykke & Co. A/S renounce all responsibility regarding conditions that occur and are out of our hands including force majeure, fire, break-ins, torrential rain, snowstorm or any not only unusual but also unexpected weather conditions, shutdown of bridges, traffic accidents or other traffic issues, natural disasters, terror, unexpected price increases, and any condition that is force majeure like. This also includes disease or death of one of the instructors or within their close family.

The above conditions and terms are valid for our suppliers, facilitators or business partners.

Deltagerne er selv erstatningsansvarlige under deltagelse i spillene. Dvs. det er kundens egen forsikring der dækker.

Lykke & Co. A/S forbeholder sig retten til erstatning i medføre af erstatningsansvarsloven, såfremt udstyret beskadiges af kunden.

Any dispute is settled by Danish law in Odense Court, Denmark.